Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Five Years Ago.

Five years ago today my sister and I got to witness some baseball was a day I will never forget.

Yes, that is right....we were there 5 years ago when Mark Buehrle threw his perfect game! 

What else has been going on this week - Monday was TACO NIGHT! I always forget how much I love tacos until we are sitting at the dinner table eating them. I LOVE taco bell, but it seems like Taco Bell is out of my diet now so thank goodness there is the option for homemade tacos...which are so much better. And thanks to Aldi we were able to make HUGE tacos. 

Last night Kyle's parents came to visit us and see the new place - it was nice to show them around our new place. And with his parents visiting we also got a trip to Red Lobster. I had never been to Red Lobster before Kyle and I started dating and let me tell you I was falling in love with those cheddar biscuits...and now there they go again...


  1. Taco night is my FAVORITE!! I definitely need to hit up Aldi, I've never been but I hear about it all the time!

    1. I had never been to Aldi either until a few weeks ago - there is one now walking distance from my new place. You should for sure try it out!